AM8318 Multi-room Audio Systems


● Unique appearance design,TFT HD color touch screen
● Built in 8 zones, support multiple room music sharing,
● Music format:MP3,WMA,APE,FLAC,WAV and so on
● 1 DVD audio input socket, 2 AUX input socket.
● Support music airplay & Network radio
● Each zone is stereo output, zone No.1 is 2x60W, zone No.2-No.8 is 2x30W.


AM8318 system is a set of ideal modernized multiroom audio systems. Beside with all the functions of traditional home audio, it is also with:
① Different room can listen to different music program, for example, the aged and the young like different music, then the aged can play traditional opera in their room, and the young can play pop music at the same time in other room.
② Timer function, you can set special program at certain time in advance, for example, you can set alarm o’clock to remind you to get up on time.

Each zone and audio source can be renamed by phone software
RJ45 Ethernet socket, support LAN, WLAN, iPhone, Android and iPad to control the system wireless.
2 RS485 socket, easy for user to control each zone
Abide by RS232 communication protocols, can be controlled with other home appliance.
Support automatic time correction & online upgrade firmware.

This system is integrated with MP3 player, Network music, network radio, partitioner, timer, and mixer amplifier, etc. One DVD stereo sound input, 2 AUX inputs and 3 Network modules;8 zones output, this system also has another featured function: Network module, when the host machine is connected with the LAN or WLAN, it allows smartphone play the music from third music player.

Output protection

Output short circuit,overload,DC protection



Rated power


Power protection


Packing size(mm)

(L×W×H) 540×540×230